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Racism (人種主義/差別)とは

A spikey air bubble containing a fist that looks like it is about to punch someone and a speech bubble that says "#@*!!" to indicate swearing or hate speach.

Cats are great

A speech bubble that says "But where are you REALLY from" with a small falling pebble behind it
A large mountain that is built our of the small rocks in the previous image. A person is looking up at it with a concerned look on their face as more rocks continue to build up onto it.
A climbing rope and hiking bootsA thermos of hot tea and a first aid kit.


At the Grocery Store

Korean-Canadian Vancouver resident Kate was at her local grocery store when another shopper told their child they shouldn’t get in line behind Kate because she would infect them with COVID-19. A week later at the same store, a cashier refused to help Kate, saying she was going on break. When she experienced these events she felt embarrassed and confused.

At Work

Vancouver resident Grace was hired at a coffee shop along with another new employee who had the same work experience as her. The other new staff member, who was white, was taught how to make coffee after the first day. Grace was never offered that training, and she was only given cleaning and organizing tasks for 2 months. This made Grace feel humiliated, bitter, and let down - really hurting her self-esteem.

At School

Chris, a Chinese-Ethiopian student in Langley, felt singled out in class by their teacher who would often touch their hair and make comments about the texture. The teacher never did this with other students. This made Chris feel isolated and embarrassed, especially as one of the few people of colour in their school.

In Your Neighbourhood

Rebecca, a permanent resident in Surrey, lives in a close knit neighbourhood where there are only two Chinese families residing. Rebecca tried to meet her neighbours and bring holiday gifts to them many times, but on Canada Day, both Chinese families were excluded from a Canada Day barbecue. This left Rebecca wondering if this exclusion was racially motivated and feeling as though she will never fit in.

A middle-aged woman who is visibly asian, Kate, is at a grocery store check out. She is looking to her left and seeing a white women who has her arm around her son's shoulder saying "Don't stand behind her" (indicating that the white women doesn't want her son near Kate". On Kate's right, the cashier is shaking his hand and leaving - refusing to serve her.
Grace, who has dark brown skin and long black hair, is cleaning a table at a coffee shop. She has a pained expression on her face as she looks behind her at her co-worker. Her co-worker, who is white, is steaming milk on a coffee machine.
A boy, Chris, is in the middle of the frame. He has light brown skin and dark curly hair. There is a white hand on the right side playing with his hair and a conversation bubble on the left saying "Your hair is sooo soft"
An Asian woman is looking at a group of white people standing around a BBQ. She has a pained look on her face because she is being excluded.


Cats are great

Three word bubbles. The one on the top says "You speak English so well! I'm surprised". The bottom-left word bubble has a smiley face while the bottom-right has a crying face.
A magnifying glass is over a piece of paper. In the magnifying glass is a Canadian Flag where the maple leaf in the flag has a distressed/sad face.

Cats are great

Cats are great

A man with light brown skin is resting his head in his hands looking depressed. Above him is a thought bubble that is filled with negative symbols, such as thunder cloud and swirl.