A group photo of the team on Zoom. Everyone is smiling and posing for the picture. The people from left to right are: Lucas, Grace, Stacey, Mingji, Marielle, Nicole, and  Alysha.



About the Team Members

Nicole從2017年以志願者身份加入Options,現在是一名文化經紀人、推動者和翻譯。她於2011年從中國移民到加拿大。她喜歡和所有年齡層的人交朋友, 從而在他們身上學到很多不同的東西。她喜歡閱讀、旅行和烹飪。

Nicole is posing for a picture and looking at the camera. She is smiling and resting her hand against the side of her face.

Nicole Wang

Marielle是來自溫哥華的設計師和插畫家,和一位熱愛社區的人。認定自己是第四代華裔加拿大人,祖輩來自溫哥華唐人街和中國廣東省。 Marielle的工作主要是為了創造美好事物和帶歡樂給社區,閒暇時積極參與溫哥華的唐人街的活動、陶藝製作,及注重與家人共度時光。

Marielle is in the middle of the picture. They are resting their elbow on their knee and looking into the camera.

Marielle Sam-Wall


A picture of a cat with a squished face who has a small soccer ball on his head (Lucas did not want a photo of him).

Lucas Ho



Grace is in the middle of the photo, looking over her shoulder back at the camera. She is smiling and looks very happy in the photo.

Grace E.H. Lew

Mingji是一名語言課程協調員,自2012年起一直付責為非牟利機構提供給移民及難民的英語課程服務。她在中國東北省出生和成長,直到大學畢業。並於2000年到溫哥華學習。她喜歡烘焙和烹飪,也喜歡打羽毛球和玩拼圖遊戲。 MingJi擁有西門菲莎大學的人文地理學學士學位。

Mingji is standing in the middle of the photo wearing a scarf and a winter's jacket. There are lights around her and a pathway behind her.

MingJi Wang

Alysha Baratta是一名學習者、教育者、促進者、研究者,和Options的社會創新中心合作的社區建設者。在過去的10年裡,她服務於美國和加拿大的移民及難民的在社區參與項目。這些項目是以權力分享、互惠和文化謙卑為指導的。她的工作受到反種族歧視和公平教育法的啟發。 Alysha擁有南卡羅來納大學 人文地理學碩士學位。她喜歡烘焙 和寵愛她的小狗寶寶為樂。

Alysha is smiling and laughing while looking into the camera. The photo is bright with the background out of focus and her in focus.

Alysha Baratta

Stacey是一位充滿熱誠的志願者和社區建設者,現居住在蘭里市。從2017年開起,她一直在為Options做志願服務, 帶領新移民參與以藝術為主的項目。 Stacey付責安排/組織社區活動,以鼓勵和建立鄰里之間的聯繫。她目前是蘭里Pos-Abilities Society的成員,及蘭里Human Dignity Coalition 和 the Langley Pride Committee的志願者。

Stacey Wakelin

Cindy is from Guangzhou, China. She loves delicious food and likes to help others. She is proud of being a volunteer at Options.

Cindy Wu

Daniela joined Options in July 2021 as a volunteer and is now a Psychology and Cognitive Science graduate looking to find her place in a world she wants to help create. Daniela enjoys silent walks, sunny days, painting, and photography.

Daniela Peña

Ece is a newcomer, facilitator, researcher, and the Project Lead of the Anti-Racism project at Options, dedicated to understanding the structural barriers that stop newcomers from fully reaching out to their potential. They hold a Master’s degree in Sociology from SFU. Their interests are policy analysis, cultural diplomacy, global immigration, as well as hiking, and cooking.

Ece Arslan

Geonsik Park studied social work and worked in South Korea. He immigrated to Canada in 2017. He currently teaches different subjects and wants to continue learning in depth for his career. He loves watching soccer and riding his bike. In his free time, he loves cooking for his family.

Geonsik Park

Jagpreet believes that serving her community is her passion and purpose. Her motivation to stand for others is respect and inclusion for everyone. She wants to pursue her passion for helping others and that's why she is studying for a Bachelor of Applied Psychology at Douglas College.

Jagpreet Debad

Janice joined Options in 2021. She works as a facilitator, facilitating international students to pursue their studies and success in Canada. Coming to Canada originally as an international student, Janice would like to assist newcomers to embrace the diversity in Canada.

Janice Xie

Lin was born and raised in China. As a former radio journalist, she has a strong passion and curiosity for the world, and would never stop on her dedication to help others. Working as a freelance translator primarily on environmental protection, Lin believes every step counts in promoting social equality and justice. She feels herself empowered and enriched by being part of this campaign.

Lin Lin

Lucy is an immigrant and has been in Canada for two and a half years. She loves communicating with people from different countries and helping newcomers. She joined the project as a volunteer last year and has been supporting the project through translation and facilitation for the Mandarin-speaking community.

Lucy Li

Marseel joined Options in June 2021 as a volunteer. He immigrated to Canada from Iraq in 2013. He enjoys helping newcomers and making friends and connections. In his free time, he likes to go for walks by the beach, discover new parks and hidden gems of the city.

Marseel Al-hirmiz

Nancy is new to Canada from China. Aligning her passion for human rights, equality, and helping others with her studies and career, Nancy studied International Law and worked as a lawyer and social worker. She also volunteered to give back to the community, through different projects as well as providing legal support. Nancy believes that every tiny action can create the betterment of the community.

Nancy Yiwen Zhang

Paniz is an international medical graduate who moved from Iran to Canada in 2020. She enjoys meeting new people, finding new friends, listening to their stories and understanding their beliefs and their wonderful cultures. Helping people to enjoy their lives and watching their smiles come above all for her. In her free time, she makes handcrafts, reads books, or tries new foods.

Paniz Fathi

Poonam joined Options in 2021. She has been volunteering with a couple of non-profit organizations on various projects as a facilitator, translator, interpreter, and assistant teacher. She loves socializing and getting to know the traditions of diverse cultures closely. She believes in a non-judgmental attitude, empathy, and is always ready to get surprised by new learning and new ideas.

Poonam Mahendru

Soroosh immigrated to Vancouver less than a year ago to pursue his dream of becoming a family physician in Canada. He loves to know about nearly everything, from gaming, to sports, and even politics. He is passionate about finding the root causes of complicated issues; and through following this passion, he aspires to improve the quality of life in the society he lives in, both for himself and the generations to come.

Soroosh Salehabadi

Ted is new to Canada, and he joined Options as a volunteer in 2021. He likes to make friends with people, and learn more from them. He likes reading, cooking, and spending quality time with his family.

Ted Cao


本項目由加拿大社區基金會贊助。我們要感謝所有為本項目做出貢獻的人。感謝謝部分加拿大新移民參與並分享了他們的經歷。感謝為社區舉辦種族主義專題網上講座的顧問們:Mary Kam、韓國多元文化諮詢中心,Laarni Bernardo。

同時也感謝為本項目做出貢獻並積極提供信息資源的個人:Tesni Leung, Suwon Lee, Annie Ohana和Jennifer Chan。

關於 Options Community Services

Options社區服務組織(OCS)是加拿大一個非營利組織,為BC省素里市,三角洲市,白石鎮和蘭里市提供社會服務,是具創新精神且備受社區尊敬的領頭者。 OCS是一個多元化的聯合組織,旨在幫助人們學會自助並共同建設更加安全, 健康有活力的社區。在多元性,誠信性,資源性,協作性和卓越性目標的指引下,我們的願景是創造希望和歸屬感。我們社區的多元化有各種豐富的形式。 OCS致力於多元文化社區的發展,以促進文化交流和提升人們生活為宗旨。



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