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Discussion Pack:
Taking Action Against Racism

Learning to act when we witness racism in our community.

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When we see something racist happens in a public place, it can be hard to speak up or intervene. Crowds make us think somebody else will take the first step, but when everyone thinks like this no one takes any action.

This is called the Bystander Effect, when everyone assumes someone will act but no one does. When we don’t intervene, someone could be physically or emotionally hurt and made to feel they don’t belong

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By taking the first step and taking actions, others will step in to help as well. It can be hard to be the first one to intervene, but it is likely others around you are thinking similarly and want to help as well.

Before Starting: Safety Precautions

Your wellbeing and safety are the most important things. Before we focus on the ways to respond, ask yourself:

If the risk is too high, protect yourself and others around you. You can approach and support the target later. 

How to Use the Pack:

Racist incidents are not limited to microaggression. These additional cards have three steps. First cards include case examples (scenarios) from different settings and questions to think to assess the situation. Second cards include responses to them.